Strudel in Hummus | Shagrir Collection

Production Notes

The film was produced for YesDocu, as one of the first documentaries initiated by the satellite cable company. Additional English Name: Strudel in Tehina


On a street corner in central Jerusalem stand two of the oldest and best-known restaurants in the city: “Pinati,” one of the best-known humus joints in Israel, open since 1975; and “Fink,” a German influenced bar-restaurant that has been in operation since 1923. In between the two establishments is a lottery stand where Galina works. Each place is a world unto itself, and despite the many years of working side by side, the only things they share are gas balloons, a wall and the exhaust of passing buses.

(From The Jerusalem Cinematheque Website)

Production Details

Directed by: Ran Landau, Tomer Shani
Produced by: Micha Shagrir
Production Company: Tapuz Communication Ltd. for YesDocu
Cinematography: Tomer Shani
Editing: Ayelet Gil, Ran Landau
Music: Shai Vardi
Soundtrack design: Avi Mizrachi
Research, Production and Content Editing: Ronit Fux
Narration: Meir Swissa
Participants: Muli Azrieli, Edna Azrieli, Eran Azrieli, Meir Micha, Moti Cohen, Dafna Cohen, Galina, Tzion Benyamin, Dudu the Mayer, Yuri
Production country: Israel Filming Location: Israel Image: Color Languages: Hebrew with English Subtitles Available Formats: VHS, DVD, BETA SP



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