Selected Television Films, Micha Shagrir | Shagrir Collection

Production Notes

Students’ tour at Ammunition Hill, bereaved parents talking about their fallen son and the future of the state 1969 The peace treaty between Israel and Egypt is being signed. Leisure in Israel in 78. New trends and changes in Israeli society
Short Stories from the Long Border – IDF Soldiers In interviews with Micha Shagrir in 1970,
A film about Operation Moses, immigrants arrive in Israel
ELAL magazine produced by Castel: service announcements and tourism. 1987
News about the first Israel Festival in Jerusalem in 1984, interviews with residents and artists


A compilation of articles, advertisements, television films and election propoganda directed and / or produced by Micha Shagrir between 1969 and 2008

Production Details

Production years: 1968-2008
Director & Producer: Micha Shagrir
Selection editor: Gilad Inbar



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