Filming Aliyah and Absorption - Ethiopian Jews | Shagrir Collection

Production Notes

Aliah of Ethiopian Jews – Live

The Aliyah of Ethiopian Jews during Operation Shlomo

Producer and Director: Micha Shagrir – 1990


A Journey to the Falasha

The story of the Falasha Beta Israel people on the late 1960’s in Ethiopia

Producers: Dan Arazi and Micha Shagrir, 1984

Director: Yossi Godard,

cinematography: Shraga Merchav,

Sound Recording: Yitzhak Cohen,

Editing: Neli Gilad,

Narration: Yaron London


Emissary Named Zimna

In 1955, twelve Ethiopian children were secretly brought to Israel. They were taken to the Kfar Batya boarding school in order to train them as future leaders and emissaries to the Beta-Israel community back in Ethiopia. They learned Hebrew, Israeli culture and history. One of these children was Zimna Brahano. At the time, the religious establishment in Israel was opposed to bringing “the Falasha” to Israel and did not recognize them as Jews. Zimna and his classmates returned to Ethiopia, but many of them immigrated to Israel during the 1960’s, including Zimna himself who joined the IDF and volunteered for the paratroopers. Upon his discharge he was sent to Ethiopia, and under the cover as an engineer for the Israeli governmental engineering company, collected information about Jews who had escaped the civil war to Sudan. He took part in most of the major efforts to bring the Jews of Ethiopia to Israel and to locating those who remained behind. In 1993 Micha Shagrir accompanied Zimna to the Ethiopian-Sudanese border to look for Jews. Using Zimna’s life as a backdrop, along with the long history of Jews in Ethiopia, this film takes a look at Zimna the man, as well as his important work with the Ethiopian community.

Director: Micha Shagrir Producers: Micha Shagrir -1993

Production Company: Shiba Communications Ltd. With assistance from: The Jewish Agency for Israel – Aliyah Department, JDC (Joint), World Zionist Organization – Advocacy Department Cinematography: Alon Bernstein, Ronni Calderon, Meni Elias

Sound: Avi Aloni, Tomer 

Editing: Jacques Hana, Arik Lahav (Leibowitz)


Producer and director Micha Shagrir frequently joined IDF forces and Jewish Agency staff to document major immigration operations of the State of Israel. It was about ten years prior to Operation Moses in 1974, that Micha documented, the Jewish communities in Ethiopia in the first days of the civil war there. This rare documentation is of national and international significance and includes not only the steps of the operation from the Israeli side, but mainly, a human and compassionate look at the immigrants themselves.

Production Details

Director & cinematographer: Micha Shagrir



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