Eye Witness – 60 Years | Shagrir Collection

Production Notes

The film has participated in many Jewish film festivals around the world: Detroit Jewish Film Festival, Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, Tucson Jewish Film Festival, San Diego Jewish Film Festival, Melbourne & Sydney Israeli Film Festival, Warsaw Jewish Motifs Film Festival, Isratim – The Israeli Festival in Paris.


Israel, as envisioned through the lens of the internationally acclaimed photographer David Rubinger, the laureate of the Israeli Award for Photography. Rubinger began his career in 1947 and has since documented famous leaders and exciting characters, witnessing the dramatic events that occurred in Israel over the past 60 years. In the film, Rubinger travels back to the places and people he photographed over the years, providing viewers with a deeper knowledge of contemporary Israeli reality. Rubinger’s pictures reflect his own biography, professional views and experiences. Above all his iconographic images mark milestones of Israeli history expressing the joys, sorrows, dreams and visions of Israel.

Production Details

Director: Micha Shagrir
Producer: Micha Shagrir
Production Company: Shiba Communications Ltd.
Supported by: The Avi Chai Foundation, The Turner Charitable Trust
Cinematography: Meni Elias
Editing: Miki Cohen, Limor Pihchasov
Original music: Nachum Heiman
Sound: Rami Yatzkan, Tomer Blayer, Asi Milo, Avishai Weizman
Narration: Elimeleh Ram, Naomi Dlayot, Yinon Magal
Production country: Israel
Filming Location: Israel
Image: color
Languages: Hebrew with English Subtitles
Available Formats: DVD



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