Days of Mamilla | Shagrir Collection


The story of one street that embraces both meeting points as well as tension points between the past and present. Until the end of the 19th Century, the Mammilla neighborhood was a dirt path that connected between the Old City and the Muslim cemetery. At the end of that century, the neighborhood had become one of the first outside of the Walls and was to serve as a bridge between the Old and the new cities of Jerusalem. The neighborhood evolved into a lively commercial district where both Jews and Arabs traded. When the Israeli War for Independence broke out, the neighborhood became a no-man’s-land between Israel and Jordan. After the Six Day War, and the Israeli takeover of East Jerusalem, the law of repossession took sway in Mammilla, which was now a neighborhood in the heart of the city. The neighborhood was designated for demolition and overhaul. Tensions arose between new immigrants and older residents of the neighborhood. These older tenants were mostly Jews from Arab countries and they came up against the forces for change who saw the area as unwell and in decline. They wanted to see an evacuation of the former residents in order to expand and rebuild. Along with that they want to believe that Mammilla will not change as a bridge between past and present.

Production Details

Production country: Israel
Filming Location: Israel
Length: 34 minutes
Languages: Hebrew, no subtitles
Image: color
Available Formats: DVD, BetaSP
Director: Nathan Lifshitz
Production by: The Israel Film Service
Producers for the Israel Film Service: David Schuetz, Yigal Efrati
Production Company: Kastel Films Ltd. – Micha Shagrir and Dan Arazi
Script: Nathan Lifshitz
Cinematography: Yossi Wein
Assistant cinematographer: Yoav Kosh, Moshe Schiff
Editing: Barry Taff
Music: Ilan Annenberg
Recording: Haim Aroch, David Aurbach
Research and Production Manager: Ya’akov Malinovitz
Narration: Arie Golan
Production Coordinator: Ilan Bomfeld



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