A Sharper Image - Micha Shagrir | Shagrir Collection


IBA Channel One / 27 min.
Presented by: Dror Keren
Produced by: Alona Sharet

The weekly film magazine show honors filmmaker Micha Shagrir after his recent death. Shagrir was among the pillars of Israeli cinema. He produced and directed numerous films over a period of 50 years. In this show, Dror Keren meets Micha’s son Hagai, Ruth Diskin the director of the Shagrir Collection archive, Shagrir’s close collaborator Meni Elias, his partner in the series “Where Are They Today” Gil Mezuman and filmmaker Boris Maftsir who is working on a documentary about Micha Shagrir. The show incorporates a number of clips from Micha’s own films including “Diary of an Egyptian Solider”, “Apollonia”, “Just Like the Queen of Israel” and “Bischofstrasse”, along with interviews with Micha himself.




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