Touching the Spirit-Micha Shagrir | Shagrir Collection


IBA Channel One/ 28 min.
Editor: Yoav Ginai
Producer: Mira Weiss

A long-time employee of Israel Channel One, filmmaker and producer Micha Shagrir is interviewed here by Yoav Ginai in a conversation that takes place in Micha’s home in Abu Tor. Among the leading Israeli filmmakers, Shagrir was involved with numerous productions including “The Scouting Patrol”, “Ammunition Hill”, and “Avanti Popolo”. He talks about the early days of Israeli cinema, his beginnings at the new Israeli Broadcasting Authority, and about his longstanding relationship with young filmmakers whom he helped groom. He talks about his late wife, Aliza, who was killed in a terrorist attack in Paris in 1980, life without her, and the decision that he and his sons took to create a film fund in her name to encourage young filmmakers. The show also features Micha’s old friend Shlomo Abulafia.

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