Diary of an Egyptian Soldier | Shagrir Collection

Production Notes


“About the Film:
Based on the diary of the Egyptian officer Nada, this documentary describes and reflects the way an Egyptian soldier see the enemy – us. He writes about his longing for Stravinsky music, and his broken heart. The diary was found on his body during the Yom Kippur war and four years later filmmaker Micha Shagrir travels to Alexandria to return the diary to Sargent Nada’s parents. This diary ended up serving as a death certificate.
Editing of this film was under the direction of the late David Greenberg, and the associate producer was the Israeli-Dutch producer Ludi Boeken.
In an interesting revelation for military history buffs, the diary contains an entry on October 2nd 1973 that reads: today we got the order to cross the Suez Canal in four days, in mid-day during the holiest day for the Jews…
(from the Israel Film Archives website)

Micha Shagrir: My producing partner was the producer Ludi Boeken and we had editing assistance from the late David Greenberg. The film was not broadcast here in Israel until 1995 on IBA Channel One. We got many comments that underlined the surprise Israelis had discovering that even an Egyptian soldier read Thomas Mann, enjoyed Stravinsky and suffered a broken heart.

The original diary in Arabic ws trnaslated into Hebrew by an Israeli soldier in military intelligence. This translation reached Micha, but the original was lost. The diary that was handed over to the Egyptian soldier’s family was the translated version from the Hebrew.
French title: Journal d’un Soldat Egyptien”



“A film based on a diary that was found on the body of an Egyptian soldier who was killed by the Israelis during the “”Yom Kippur”” war (1973). The film also documents the voyage to Alexandria, Egypt, and an emotional meeting with the soldier’s family in order to return the diary. In addition, the film also presents excerpts from the dead soldier’s diary that provide a glimpse to his most personal thoughts, dreams and aspirations. This is a touching story that shows life’s beauty which is abruptly cut by war and death.

(From Rome Independent FF Website)”

Production Details

“Production country: Israel
Filming Location: Israel, Egypt
Inage: Color, B&W
Languages: Hebrew and Arabic with French Subtitles
Available Formats: VHS, DVD”



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