This Week, 25 Years Ago | Shagrir Collection


An extensive series of 35 chapters, covering events preceding and following the declaration of the State of Israel. Archival material and interviews relate the important stories of the time – from the vantage point of twenty-five years later. (From The Israel Film Service Website)
Episode 31: 12 minutes June 1948, the last of the British evacuate Haifa Port, IDF soldiers swear allegiance to the State of Israel, Transferring of Col. Mickey (David) Marcus’ coffin.
Episode 32: 14 minutes July 1948, evacuation of Kfar Darom, end of the first truce, arms import, Count Folke Bernadotte’s attempts to end hostilities, Cyprus detainees attempt to come to Israel despite immigration restrictions.
Episode 33: 24 minutes July 1948, Battles of the Ten Days, Operation Brosh, Operation Dekel, Operation Danny, Operation Kedem, The battles for the Iraq Suidan police station.
Episode 34: 16 minutes July 1948, Attempt to conquer the Old City of Jerusalem by means of operation “Kedem”, the failed operation “Death to the Invader” in the Negev.
Episode 35: 14 minutes July 1948, Operation GYS to open a route to the Negev fails, debates regarding the position of Jerusalem, the first military parade, the foreign “Mahal“ and “Gahal” units of the Israeli army.

Production Details

Production country: Israel
Filming Location: Israel
Image: B&W
Language: Hebrew, no subtitles
Available Formats: DVD
The Israeli Information Center, produced by The Israel Film Service
Director: Nathaniel Gutman
Editorial board: Col. Avraham Eilon, Gavriel Cohen, Gabriel Luria, Netanel Lorech, Col. Gershon. Rivlin
Design and Production: Yehuda Ilan, Yigal Efrati
Production Coordination: Yehuda Shnaidman, Gideon Ganani
Production Company: Kastel Films Ltd.
Opening: Yigal Tumarkin, Chaim Schreiber
Cinematography: Moshe Ben-Herut / Yedidia Yaari
Assistant Cameraman: Yossi Greenberg / Ami Miller
Editing: Etti Wieseltier, Enulla Shamir
Recording: Yoram Zohar / Roger Leclerc
Research: Dorit Gari
Production Management: Yiftach Gutman, Dorit Gari
Presenter: Ram Evron



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