Micha's Parliament | Shagrir Collection


This was the official meeting spot for “Micha’s parliament” which was established on the day that Benjamin Netanyahu was first elected as prime minister. The reason for its creation was to enjoy a bit of respite from the storm outside – a reality that has sadly proved to be true. Members of this parliament were veteran Jerusalem residents like Micha himself. They were member of youth movements and all in a similar age group. They sat in many Jerusalem establishments, from the fanciest restaurants to those in the shuk, the Old City, for over 20 years. They finally chose Link as their permanent base for its openness and welcoming atmosphere. Members of this parliament included: Rafi Israeli, Petzamatz-Uzi Raveh, Binyum – Benjamin Gedalyahu, Jozek-Uzi Alon, Kotzka –Danny Rubenstein, Tzicko – Moshe Gur, Tzepel – Isaac Yeshurun, Mike Levine, Peleg Radai, Solomon – Shlomo Abulafiya, Prof. Hanoch Gutfreund, Prof. Avishai Margalit, Yoram Kaplan, Dr. Danny Gil. Their conversations consisted of “lofty topics” which were dwarfed by their memories and fables, anecdotes and secrets. They mostly talked about their youth movements, basic training, and the days when they were just dating and about problems and squabbles. During this long period, members of the group would not miss even one meeting – sometimes even putting off meeting, postponing travel abroad. Micha would appear late and on cue with a “royal entrance” and a fresh story from that day. He was also in charge of inviting guests, which included everyone from presidents to cab drives – everyone was an equal. Everyone would look forward to stories from Micha and from Kotzka. The Parliament is still meeting – and will continue to meet. They held a big event in honor of Micha’s shloshim.



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