Golani | Shagrir Collection

Production Notes

Documentary footage: ‘HaKrav al HaYa’ad’ (‘The Battle for the Destination’), ‘Sheshet HaYamim’ (‘The Six Days’), curtesy of the Israel Film Service.


A collection of Golani Brigade operations in 1972 – combat training, authentic war footage, and also moments from the everyday lives of the soldiers (male and female).

Production Details

Director: Benny Cohen
Produced by: Dan Arazi, Micha Shagrir – Kastel Films Ltd.
Produced with the assistance of the Israel Film Service, the Ministry of Culture and Education
Cinematography: Reuven Dorot
Editing: Nathan Lifshitz, Cut Ltd., Jerusalem
Recording: Israel Ben Bashat
Production Manager: Rahamim Cohen
Documentary footage and slides: Nachum Gutman
Consulting and Instruction: Captain Chaim Engelman
Production country: Israel
Filming Location: Israel
Image: B&W
Languages: Hebrew, no subtitles
Available Formats: DVD



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