The Path of Sorrow - Shagrir Collection


The via de la Rosa was the last road on which Jesus walked on his way to crucifixion. It is also a site to where thousands of pilgrims from around the world have flocked to for thousands of years. This film is a spiritual journey that takes us through all 14 of the stops along the path that Jesus took.

Production Details

Director: Adam Levene Producers: Micha Shagrir and Sharon Schaveet Production Companies: Shiba Communications Ltd. and Biblical Productions Written by: Adam Levene Cinematography: Meni Elias Editing: Ayala Bengad Production assistants: Yael Hadassi-Becker, Chen Ofer Country of Production: Israel Filming Location: Israel Image: Color Languages: English Narration, no Subtitles Available formats: VHS, DVD, BETACAM



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