The Other Promised Land - Shagrir Collection

Production Notes

Among those interviewed are locals from the Kikuyu Tribe who live in what was the area that the Zionists had been promised, along with Israelis who live there as well. The great-grandson of the original “Shomer” Avraham Shapira is one of those interviewed, and he recalls that even 100 years ago Shapira exclaimed: “what kind of youth are you? You are full of crap!”


In 1905, the Zionist Congress sent a delegation to Eastern Africa to examine the possibility of implementing an initiative that Herzl himself put forth – to establish a Jewish state in Africa. Among the members of this delegation was the Israeli engineer Nahum Wilbush who documented the journey in his diary, which he wrote in Hebrew. With the exquisite views of Eastern Africa as the background, this film embarks on a journey tracing entries from the Wilbush diary. And following the original route of the delegation, the film meets Jews and Israelis who have visited this area and continue to inhabit it to this day.

Production Details

Director: Micha Shagrir Producers: Micha Shagrir Production Company: Shiba Communications Ltd. Cinematography: Meni Elias Editing: Matityahu Ben Amos Original Music: Nachum Heiman Sound: Tomer Blayer Sound Editor: Aviv Aldema Executive Producer: Yael Hadassi Interviews and production management: Revital Chitayat Research: Yael Hadassi, Revital Chitayat Stills: Alex Levac Production country: Israel Filming Location: Kenya, Uganda Image: Color Languages: Hebrew, English with Hebrew Subtitles Available Formats: BETACAM, DVD



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