Stromboli, Take 2 - Shagrir Collection

Production Notes

The film was nominated for an Israeli Academy Award in 2002. It features clips from Robert Rossellini's 1950 film "Stromboli", as well as footage taken by the late Yosef Dror.


A small volcanic island sticks out of the Mediterranean Sea; this is the Island of Stromboli. This film follows the personal voyage of filmmaker Micha Shagrir. In 1950, Roberto Rossellini filmed his apocalyptic film here, starring Ingrid Bergman who would become his wife. In that film the volcano takes out its vengeance at the inhabitants of the town ruining their homes and burning their fields. In life, not like in the film, the residents of Stromboli return to the island and rebuild their lives despite the daily danger of another eruption. Shagrir was curious to see how people live in the shadow of a volcano that could erupt at any moment. Does this remind us a bit of our lives here in Israel…?

Production Details

Director: Micha Shagrir Producer: Micha Shagrir Production Company: Tapuz Communications Ltd. Producer: Chiara Cianciaruso Cinematography: Tomer Shani Editing: Idit Ben Shimol Production country: Israel Filming Location: Israel, Italy Languages: Hebrew and English with English subtitles Available Formats: DVD, VHS, BETA SP



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