Kinneret's Secrets - Shagrir Collection

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This series focuses on a mute girl named Kinneret (played by Hadar Rosenbach) who lives on the Moshava Kinneret and who tries, throughout the series, to uncover mysteries having to do with the death of her father who was killed in an accident abroad.

Production Details

Production country: Israel Filming Location: Israel Image: Color Languages: Hebrew no subtitles Available Formats: BetaSP First Season: Director: Omri Levi Producer and Creator: Micha Shagrir Production Company: Shiba Communications Ltd. For Keshet, Channel 2 Israel Script: Omri Levi, an adaptation of a story by Galila Ron-Feder Amit Participants: Hadar Rosenbach, Uri Klauzner, Idit Tzur, Yuval Fleisch, Hagit Dasberg, Amir Ben-Yosef, Dafna Armoni, Gidi Gov, Dori Naomenko, Yonatan Scheinfeld, Yoni Shamir, Aviel Bechor, Nurit Londner, Billy Heyman (narration). Original Idea by: Micha Shagrir Cinematography: Gabriel Wagon Editing: Ron Goldman Recording: Shai Davidi Original music: Nachum Heiman Musical production: Nachum Heiman, Uri Mills Soundtrack design: Yoav Sarid – Soundhouse Video Assistant Director: Yoav Roe Assistant Cameraman: Yohai Atzmon Assistant Recording: Shai Kaplan Lighting: Nimrod Hiram, Gil Elkarif Makeup and Costumes: Sharon Kedem Continuity: Gili Gaon Artistic Design: Mia Ulman Animation and computer Screens: Amos Wagon Props: Sharon Amrani Online Editing: Veronique Inbar, Aran Carmeli Production Assistants: Yuval Erez, Effi Oged Production Manager: Ido Berlad Executive Producer: Yael Hadassi-Bachar Behind the Scenes Crew: Cinematography: Meni Elias Recording: Tomer Blayer  



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