Filming Aliyah and Absorption of Sarajevo Jewry - Shagrir Collection

Production Notes

Convoy from Sarajevo

Sarajecvo Jewry Immigrating to Israel

A Debt is Paid


The Bosnian War erupted in April 1992 against the background of the disintegration of Yugoslavia. From the outset of the war until February 1996, Sarajevo was under siege and because of the bombings, many public buildings were damaged, including the big Ashkenazi synagogue and the old Jewish cemetery. The battles in the area of the city put the members of the Jewish community in danger and in 1994, about 300 of the community members were rescued with the assistance of the Jewish Agency and the Joint and were transported to Zagreb. Micha Shagrir joined the rescue forces on his own, filming and documenting the operation adding personal interviews with the immigrants.

Production Details

Producer and director: Micha Shagrir



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