Scouting Patrol | Shagrir Collection

Production Notes

This was the first feature film that Micha Shagrir produced. Shooting for the film started before the Six Day War and was edited once the war was over. It did very poorly at the box office. The film describes a secret mission of Israeli soldiers into enemy territory where they seek to capture a terrorist. The journey eastward sharpens the relationships amongst the soldiers as well as their attitude toward the Arab. The film was then dubbed “an Eastern”, like a “western”. Some of the actors were just starting out at the time, like Zeev Revach and Eli Cohen. The film was a box office flop, and forced the director to take on new productions just to recoup costs.


Israeli intelligence officers go out on a dangerous mission to kidnap a well-known terrorist leader in the hope of breaking the spirits of the terrorists themselves. Four go on the mission, led by Commander Eli. They succeed in getting to the senior terrorist and capturing him, but are exposed and must retreat quickly. A navigational mistake, along with fire from the Arab side, leads them further off course. Things get complicated when their dangerous captive is able to put his hands on one of his guards weapons.

Production Details

Director: Micha Shagrir
Producers: Eli Gil and Micha Shagrir
Production Company: Kastel Films Ltd.
Script: Avraham Heffner, Orna Spector, Micha Shagrir
Cinematography: Jachin Hirsh (as Yahin Hirsch)
Editing: Tova Biran
Music: Sasha Argov
Lyrics: Yaron London
Cast: Illi Golitzky, Lior Yieniy, Ze’ev Revach, Eli Cohen, Assi Dayan, Jacques Cohen, Yossi Ohana, Baruch Sadeh, Azriel Perel, Yitzchak Gil, Ovadia Natan



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