Christmas in Bethlehem - Shagrir Collection


With musical accompaniment only, this film brings images from Bethlehem as it celebrates Christmas, and from the Mass at the Church of Nativity. (Israel Film Service Synopsis)

Production Details

Production country: Israel Filming Location: Israel Image: Color Languages: English, Arabic, German, Latin, no subtitles Available Formats: DVD Director: Dan Birron Produced by: Micha Shagrir Production Company: Kastel Films Ltd. Production of the Israel Film Service Cinematography: Y. Hirsch, R. Dorot, A. Even-Tov, D. Hecht Recording: D. Ben-Bassat, E. Reichman Lighting: D. Ben Menachem, Y. Louie Graphics: Pini Cam. A.: R. Cohen Ed. A.: A. Cohen



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