The Knesset - Shagrir Collection

Production Notes

A public information film, made during the term of the Sixth Knesset


A promotional film that presents the legislative body and all of its various roles. We learn about the authority and work process of the Knesset, as well as the various committees and the history of the building

Production Details

Director: Natan Gross Presented by: The Israeli Information Center In charge of Production: Yigal Efrati Script: Micha Shagrir Cinematography: Adam Greenberg Assistant cinematographer: Amnon Salomon Editing: Anna Gurit Assistant Editor: Shlomo Melul Recording: Haim Avish Electrician: Rudolph Schiowitz, Eliezer Tvister Make up: Daliah Priver Production Manager: Micha Shagrir Narration: Chaim Yavin Production country: Israel Filming Location: Israel Genre: Public Information Film Languages: Hebrew, no subtitles Image: B&W Available Formats: DVD



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