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    The first of its kind in Israel, this is a unique site dedicated to leading filmmaker and prolific producer, Micha Shagrir and his 50 years of creativity.
  • With David Ben Gurion, 1956

    As an “Al HaMishmar” reporter, interviewing Prime Minister David Ben Gurion
    Photo: Governmental Press Office
  • Portrait with headphones

    Micha Shagrir as a radio reporter in "Kol Israel" in the early 60's.
    Photographer: Unknown
  • With Ariel Sharon, 1967

    Micha Shagrir in Ariel Sharon's caravan, during the time he was the commander of the southern division, a week before the Six Days War started. Micha was in reserve service for the IDF Radio.
    Photo: Govermental Press Office
  • With Moshe Dayan, 1973

    Micha Shagrir as an IDF Radio reporter during the Yom Kippur War with Security Minister Moshe Dayan, 1973.
    Phtography: The Govermental Press Office
  • Portrait with Helmet, 1973

    Micha Shagrir as a reporter for IDF radio beyond the Suez Canal
    Photography: IDF Spokesman